Who We Are

A little bit about who we are...

We are a father and son team that live and work in the "Upper Ross"

Our names are Rod and Greg Goodwin and we have been working together since 1999 - and plan to continue to for many years to come.

A little bit of our own background;

Rod spent many years travelling Queensland and northern New South Wales as a stock and station agent and auctioneer. It was in Charters Towers that Rod met a woman who he would in time marry and with whom he would have a family of four boys. Jay was the eldest child of a local grazing family on a property south west of Charters Towers.

In 1983 Rod and Jay purchased a five acre block (with their four young boys in mind) in a newly formed road named Connemara Course in Kelso - where they still live today. Together they bought an old Queenslander house from the Kalamia Sugar Mill and moved it (in several pieces) onto their five acres - where they set about creating a home.

Connemara Course was located in the then newly subdivided acreage development known as Rossdale Park in what was, and still is today, a growth corridor running along the banks of the Ross River. Known as the Upper Ross this corridor contained the suburbs of Kelso, Rasmussen and Condon.

It was at this time (after decades of working within, managing, developing and operating larger franchise based agencies with regional offices located in Mackay, Airlie Beach and Townsville) Rod saw an opportunity for a more fulfilling career. He set about developing an independent small business working within a defined area - and that area would be where he and his family called home - the "Upper Ross"

In 1999 Greg, Rod and Jay's second son returned to his home in the "Upper Ross" and began to work along with his Dad in the family business. Greg had completed secondary school at the boarding school of Blackheath and Thornburgh College in Charters Towers and tertiary study at the University of Queensland. Greg had been working as a cook in a small business in the Brisbane suburb of Paddington immediately before joining with his father.

The impact on small business with changes such at the introduction of Goods and Services Tax Act (1999) and property industry specifically with the introduction of the Property Agents and Motor Dealers Act (2000) marked the start of his enjoyment in the industry.

Greg married Melanie, a Collinsville Girl, in 2013 at the family home with a big celebration in the front yard and making the most of the entire family's 30 plus years of toil in creating gardens and lawns on a barren block. They have two daughters, Alli and Miller, who love and boast to friends of the lifestyle they are lucky to have - with the geese, the ducks, the chickens, dogs, cats, possums, wallabies ...frilled necked and blue tongued lizards ....sand goannas  ....cockatoos, rainbow lorikeets and wild ducks  ...it goes on and on and just doesn't seem to ever end.

Both Greg and Rod enjoy the continual changing and ever evolving industry and appreciate the real commitment required to bring about the best results for their clients.

Working together Rod and Greg have built their reputation on bringing together a unique and personal approach to their service of the community.

Embracing the best of the newer technology available and combining it with good old fashioned service and know-how their assessment and consideration of a specific tailored approach to the families that they continue to serve sets them apart.

Today we are a family business helping families when it comes time to move.